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Dr. Tomatsu's Research Team

Letter from Dr. Tomatsu's research team

Dr. Tomatsu

My name is Shunji Tomatsu, I am an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics, at Saint Louis University.

I have been working on Morquio Research for the past 20 years to develop a new drug, for enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). I am also a chief medical adviser of the International Morquio Organization (IMO) (Phoenix, Arizona), which over 300 Morquio families and over 25 countries belong to. I have had the pleasure of working with Morquio families on behalf of children affected by Morquio. I personally meet with each Morquio family on all Morquio related issues. As a result, I have become friends with many Morquio Families.

The Jacob Randall Foundation was established by the Little family in Florida, to raise funding for Morquio research. Over 300 Morquio families are now joining and playing a part of the role to expand the Morquio Society and to improve the quality of life for each affected child. Without coming together, we wouldn't be able to make a change. We have to work together to establish a new drug to improve the quality of life of Morquio children. We are currently developing a drug delivery system to the bone for Morquio patients. Since we have had significant results by treating Morquio model mice for three months, we wish we were able to go forward with human clinical trials of enzyme replacement therapy, however more funding is needed.

We are at such a critical moment to introduce such advanced drug treatment to MPS IVA patients since many children suffer hopelessly and are dying without any treatment every day. We think that orphan drugs for the rare diseases such as MPS IVA should be approved immediately and the affected children must be treated properly. In these circumstances, it is our mission to appeal this situation on MPS IVA drug to the public.

Again thank you very much for your support for our activity. I am very thrilled to meet you very shortly. If you have any further questions on Morquio research and the novel bone targeting system, please let me know. I am very pleased to have a meeting or official proposal.

Shunji Tomatsu MD PhD
Department of Pediatrics,
Saint Louis University,
Pediatric Research Institute
3662 Park Ave. St. Louis MO 63110-2512
Phone: 314-577-5623 ext. 6213
Fax: 314-577-5398

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