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Shuni Tomatsu, MD., Phd.

Profile for Shunji Tomatsu MD PhD

Our Dream Team for Morquio Project

Profile for Shunji Tomatsu MD PhD

Birth Country: Japan

Academic Carrier: MD, PhD at Gifu University, Japan

Why do you have interest in this scientific carrier?

I was graduated from School of Medicine, Gifu University. Since then, I have been working on the mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) for the past 23 years following my mentor Prof. Orii, from the clinical and basic research aspects, both in Japan (12 years) and in the United States (11 years). Especially, I have studied Morquio A syndrome for over the past 20 years to establish development of treatment. At the beginning of the research, nobody believed that Morquio drug will be developed. I have strongly dreamed for the approval of the drug for Morquio A for these years whenever I have seen many Morquio patients at the meeting. I may have been very unique and stubborn in Morquio Research since nobody concerns the Morquio research because of such a small filed. However, I am always encouraged and provided the power and motivation by Morquio patients and families whenever I meet them. I am very proud of what I have been doing for Morquio with my colleagues and would like to be continuously unique for the Morquio children and families. The clinical programs for natural history of Morquio (this summer) and for the clinical trail (2008) are really exciting news for everybody.

My hobby is to travel around the world to meet people who I have never talked and to know the ethnic culture with my eyes. I would like to be a pediatrician and scientist for Morquio and other sick children until the last day.

The final goal (dream) of mine is to establish enzyme replacement therapy and to develop the new early diagnosis system for Morquio patients. Also I wish to meet more Morquio families in the world to talk on their problems and to make friendships. I really would like to share the success with all Morquio patients and families and my diligent co-workers in the near future. I am also very pleased to announce that Dr. Adriana Montano will become an Assistant Professor at our lab and shall be my right hand.

At last thanks for your great help and appreciation on Morquio Project!
Looking forward to seeing you very soon.


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