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Hirotaka Oikawaya

Profile for Hirotaka Oikawaya

1. Name:   Hirotaka Oikawaya

2. Birth Country:   Japan

3. Academic carrier like MD, PhD etc.

   Japanese pharmacist

4. Why do you have an interest on this scientific field?
    Science called me.         ━━ヾ(*・∀・*)ノ━━♫♫♫

   Since I can live positive, and then I can feel response.
   Most big reason is I can join medicinal creation.
   And I like science.

5. Hobby

Board riding, (ex: skateboard snowboard) Movie appreciation, Music appreciation, Gourmet, Cooking, Alcohol, Shopping, Fashion, Sport etc.

6. Dream or Future Aim
Previously I thought children should become an adult, but if children can not become an adult by disease. I thought I would like to remove that reason. And now, I could stand in possible field. So, I only do pushing on to it. And in future, I would like to create a medicine. I hope I would like to be happy with everybody.

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