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Amiko Ohashi, MD., PhD.

Profile for Amiko Ohashi, MD., PhD.

Amiko Ohashi, MD., PhD.

My name is Amiko Ohashi. I am a dermatologist from Japan and was awarded MD and PhD degrees in 2004. I have joined Dr. Tomatsu's lab since December 2006. As a physician, I have believed that saving people's life is my calling whether as a clinician or basic scientist.  In that sense, Dr. Tomatsu's lab is one of the few places that fit my needs, where I can directly contribute to patients' care through invention of a new drug for mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS), one of the most critical congenital diseases. I'm so proud to be part of his team and fully determined to commit myself into his exciting project. As in most of the productive labs, the life as a researcher is challenging and never easy. However, it is really stimulating having a great quality time working with talented colleagues. I am learning new knowledge and techniques everyday, which I feel is upgrading me as a researcher. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies at historical Tivoli theatre, or ballets at Edison theatre. I love gardening of my house with a variety of colorful flowers and herbs. My favorite is the Japanese garden in Missouri Botanical Garden, which comforts me a lot with its silent beauty especially when it has snow. I believe that my efforts in our lab will save MPS patients and also advance me one step ahead as a scientist. In the future, I wish to apply my expertise and knowledge to invention of drugs for other types of difficult diseases, and hope that my effort will save more people's life, which would also build up my career as a full-fledged physician scientist.

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