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2009 Letter to Local Business and Community Members

Re: May 2, 2009 Gala event

14716 Tudor Chase Dr.
Tampa, FL. 33626

November 24, 2008

Dear Local Business and Community Members,


My name is Renee Little and I want to tell you a story about our little Jake.  September 5, 2001 was a day that changed our lives forever.  Jacob Randall Little, “Jake”, was born into this world like an angel from heaven.  He was a sweet, mild tempered baby who was easily soothed by a song or story. When Jake looked into our eyes we could tell that he had an incredible sense of wisdom and maturity about him, almost as though he knew what road he was headed down, even before we did.  We realized from that day on, what a true gift from God he was.  We remember it like it was yesterday, the doctors told us a few hours after his birth that he had a sacral dimple.  He told us it was something normal, but that it should be examined further.  When the results came back normal revealing no hole to his spine and no interference with his spinal cord, there was a tremendous sigh of relief……until the dreaded word, “HOWEVER…”  


Jake was later diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome.  Morquio is a very rare, progressive disorder stunting growth and causing severe skeletal disease in young children.  Because of the many symptomatic bone deformities, these children end up having frequent surgical operations, usually before the age of five.  The progressiveness of this disease leads to a shortened life span and typically places the child in a wheelchair by the age of ten.


With hope, a wonderful miracle is just around the corner.  Our primary researcher, Dr. Shunji Tomatsu, who has been working on Morquio Type A related research for over 17 years, has isolated and created the enzyme that will completely stop the progression of this terrible disease in young children.  In fact, Dr. Tomatsu believes he is close to providing the necessary treatment that would completely eliminate the symptoms of this disease.  This is why I am asking for your help. 

The Jacob Randall Foundation, a 501(c3), was created to raise funds for Dr. Tomatsu and his much needed research.  Last year’s event raised over $60,000 that was given directly to Dr. Tomatsu to help fund this critical research. 

We are holding our Third benefit May 2, 2009 and aim to raise even more money than our last event.  The day begins at Countryside Country Club Golf Course with a golf tournament followed by dinner and silent auction gala.

We are asking for your support by sponsoring the event or donating a silent auction item.  Please use the attached form to make your donations.  Please also note that 100% of your donations go directly to Dr. Tomatsuto for the next phase of research and development. All donations are tax deductible. Finally, we will be happy to pick up any donations or silent auction items at your place of business.  Please do not hesitate to call, 813-731-8274.


We are all very excited about our benefit and the support we have already received from so many community members and corporations.  We look forward to hearing from you and having your support. 



With Deepest Thanks,




Renee J. Little



Please visit out website at


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